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This time its ALL OF US. 



absolute sum

We work to design better systems for better outcomes.

Our mission is to bring individuals who have the ability to implement solutions into the conversation early, building relationships with local and future partners from the days of problem identification and ideation.


We explore our absolute sum, by engaging communities in creative problem solving while embracing emerging technologies such as blockchain.


Absolute solutions are conceptualized during all-in challenges where ideas are developed.  Incubators are established with University partners and digitally connected around the globe with the ongoing support of a global community, mentorship, resources, and access to relationships with accelerators. 


Absolute Sum is experimentation, exploration, and unfolding story documenting the shift in the narrative of possibility.


Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals absoluteSUM challenges bring collaborative problem solving to the local level while striving to reach our #GlobalGoals 



The Live Well Challenges represent ideas that promote “living well” by using blockchain technology to address problems in healthcare, the environment and other areas impacting the quality of life for the individual, community, enterprise or planet. Such ideas can be implemented by building blockchain applications on Ethereum, a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. Smart contracts that execute upon location confirmation can access real-world information by using the ecosystem of devices and decentralized location oracle of XYO Network.


In this Live Well program, we seek to educate as well as bring together vibrant minds to identify key challenges, form relationships for success and construct open-source solutions. The entire life cycle of ideas is supported as we engage at the forum, invent at the design-thinking all-in hackathon, and develop during the incubation period. Healthcare and the environment are key themes of the Live Well Challenges but all topic areas that relate to living well would be pertinent.




Partnered with the Chicago Blockchain Project, Wuji, and SDG Futures Cities, we explore the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations as we bring together vibrant minds to identify key challenges, form relationships for success and construct open-source solutions. The entire life cycle of ideas is supported as we invent at the design-thinking all-in hackathon. Natural Asset Capital, Gamification, and the environment are key themes of the Think Outside Blockchain Challenge.


Scott Scheper

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Marketer & Blockchain Technologist

XYO Network

Greg Horowittz

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Innovation Ecosystem Architect, Venture Capitalist, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Global Innovation Policy Adviser


Dawn Barry

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Co-Founder and President at

Luna DNA 

Victoria Cajipe

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Innovation and Commericalization Manager University of California San Diego 

Steven McCloskey

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder and CEO at Nanome Inc.

Tim Mackey

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Associate Professor at University of California San Diego, School of Medicine

Annie Brown

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Marketing Executive & Entrepreneurship Mentor

Julian Bryant

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Contract iOS developer and lawyer. 

 Organizer for Legal Hackers and Startup Weekend.

Lolita Taub

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

B2B Enterprise Tech · AI · Blockchain · VC · TEDx Speaker · World Economic Forum Global Shaper

Jacques Chirazi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

TEDx Speaker. Sustainability Expert and Policy Adviser: I enable and support the development of innovative technologies and companies

Mike Sherbakov

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Adventurer, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Speaker, Consultant, Investor

Amanda Toombs

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Human Capital • Social Impact • Communication • Technology & Society

Brian Dirkmaat

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder Coeptus Law focuses on new venture startups: formation, angel and VC financing, IP licensing and registration, and nirvana at M&A

William Gleim

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

ÐArchitect at ConsenSys

Engineering complex adaptive (decentralized) systems. Assembling a highly decentralized society with a focus on security (creation of ConsenSys Diligence), protocol and privacy advancements (creation of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance ConsenSys technical team) and organization structures as adaptive systems.

Yuan Wang

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Technologist, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Professional, Manifestation Architect.

Gloria Negrete

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|Strategist |Connector |Collaborator |

University of California San Diego. Professional with years of experience in strategy work, business development, higher education programming, and startups.

Dennis Abremski

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Executive Director, Institute for the Global Entrepreneur, Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego

Amber Brandner

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Human first tech, innovation, inclusion and community engagement. 

Founding Director AbsoluteSUM

CoFounder of Trippin Inc. 

Patricia Stitson

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Learning Experience Designer. Organizer TEDxSolanaBeach 

Mark Lovett

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Organizer, TEDxSanDiego | Speaker Coach | Storytelling Workshops

Aaron Cantwell

Personal + Professional Success Catalyst, partnership development.

Jens Albers

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Jens Albers is co-founder at Decentrl.Agency where he specialises in helping blockchain startups develop marketing strategies.

Cecile Baird

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Cecile Baird co-founded Decentrl.Agency a boutique marketing agency for blockchain startups following 5 years of working in crypto with over 40 startups.

Mia Mian

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Works with organizations like Startup Weekend, 1 Million Cups, Startup Grind, Women'sEntrepreneurship Day and Global Shapers

Marquis Davis.jpeg

Marquis Davis

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Social Entrepreneur, Polymath, Developer, Digital Marketing Expert, Blockchain Evangelist


Sarah Henderson

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CEO/COO of LobbyTools, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor


Thomas Schutz

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A proven Sales & Executive Management Professional, focused on Startups & Early Stage Companies

Sarah Lubeck

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Communications | Digital Marketing | Economic Development

Eric Gasser

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Founding Partner @ SEED San Diego

Tsung-Ting Kuo

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Postdoctoral Scholar at UCSD Health Department of Biomedical Informatics 

0 (1).jpeg

Erika Pingatore

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Developer Community Advocate

Sam Hessenauer

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Co-founder + Leading Blockchain Engineering @Nanome Inc.

Founder of Virtual Reality Club at UCSD

Max Howard

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Co-Founder + Blockchain Architect and Network Engineer @Nanome Inc.

Daniel Silvers

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COO ICTE, A leading Fintech executive and market expert. I have specialized in building distributed electronic financial trading systems, research and analytics, hosted many smart algorithmic strategies on US and foreign electronic exchanges, and have been active in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space from it’s infancy. 

Alex Kaplin

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CEO ICTE, American entrepreneur and Investor who during his 20+ year career has worked and managed some of the top financial institutions in the country as a specialist, market maker, trader and investor.

John Saboe

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Senior leader experienced in the development, management, and continuous improvement (cost andquality) of wireless telecommunications products and services.


Made Possible.



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