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Facilitator & Creator

Helping people and organizations create mission-driven results.

It all matters. We are constantly creating ripples of impact in the world

be aware of the ripples, let them be intentional and far-reaching.

 Led by curiosity in our collective potential, Amber Marie Brandner is a producer, curator, and facilitator identifying emerging narratives and opportunities for change. Her leadership with global organizations such as TEDx, World Economic Forum, Greatness Foundation, National Science Foundation, and UNA has inspired a global perspective to all of her work. Facilitating workshops for the LA Mayors Office, Singularity U San Diego, Occidental College, UCSD, Sony, and Nearsoft, her collaborative focus lends to truly inclusive experiences. Amber has spoken on inclusion, leadership, and team building at Maker Faire, Startup Grind, Thrive Talks and continues to share her message of embodied inclusion around the world.

Embodied Inclusion: ThriveTalk featuring Amber Brandner
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Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and inclusive exploration of blockchain technology, absoluteSUM challenges bring collaborative problem solving to the local level while striving to reach our #GlobalGoals 


The San Diego Live Well Challenge included an evening expo, forum, collaborative hackathon, and incubator program in partnership with the University of California San Diego.

absoluteSUM has led hackathons at Chicago Blockchain Week, partnered with CIS to bring more students to blockchain, and supported nonprofits such as Pencils of Promise in designing a collaborative and educational exploration of blockchain technology.

Amber Brandner produced and facilitated absoluteSUM programming.

Amber Brandner joins host Annette White-Klososky to discuss the importance of building inclusive communities, the power of our living our truth, as well as her own personal journey to becoming a leader in the spotlight.

In August 2018, following the San Diego Live Well Challenge, 21 Cryptos sat down with Amber for a feature in decentreladies, she spoke with Iris the editor, discussing inclusion in blockchain and the effort of absoluteSUM.

The full interview is available via PDF download below.

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"Life has been a golden thread of monumental moments, often only seen for their significance in a retrospective fashion when connected with the larger narrative, which indeed is ever-changing. I find myself propelled in this life by curiosity, wondering what our story will be and what influences our collective belief in what is possible...."

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2017 Interview by Purdue University Alumni publication, a feature discussing the life and work of Amber Brandner.


"Amber offers a contagion of brilliant impulses that seem to give new life to one's own ideas instilling confidence and a warm breathe of collaboration almost effortlessly. In concrete terms, she takes a vision to another level by sheer depth of interest and draws out elucidation with clear attention. My entire realm has become more and more defined and driven since we met her."

James Druga, Owner

Unoppresive Nonimperialistic Bargain Bookstore

"I discovered that I am not an expert in community and its natural extension of social media although my intent is to connect. I am old school in wanting to talk with everyone intimately but found that there are ways to do this in a digital format. Amber is a solid thinker with a body of curiosity lying at her fingertips. It's like hanging out with a TED curator."

Heidi Rataj, Director

KPBS series re'flect

"Working with Amber helped us build a framework to understand the value of community in building products through crowdsourcing. We discovered there is much to learn about communicating your stories and that you have to understand the value of what you are about to create. She is always looking for the best approach to reach the organizations' goals while sparking serendipity with our peers to achieve the goal in mind. Amber is forward-thinking, with an out of the box mentality and full of energy."

Claudio Cassio, Director of Internal Innovation

Nearsoft an Encora Company

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